Teachmeet Cardiff in Kings Monkton

Our Year 6 Digital Leaders are on the move again! This time to Cardiff to visit Kings Monkton School for Teachmeet Cardiff where we received a fantastic welcome. The Cadoxton and Barry Island leaders had to speak for up to 5 minutes about being a Digital Leader, they also made an iMovie trailer to present to an audience full of teachers! Not daunted at all by the 70 or so strong audience, they spoke clearly and with energy and enthusiasm about their role and were congratulated by many of the visiting teachers. There thoughts and feelings will follow but here are some photo’s to enjoy – We are very proud of them!

waiting to speak!

Waiting for their turn to do the talking! Feeling the nerves now…


Performing in front of the waiting teachers!


At last relaxing and enjoying some of the exhibits!


One thought on “Teachmeet Cardiff in Kings Monkton

  1. It was a real privilege to be able to be part of the TeachMeet to watch these incredible digital leaders share their experiences. They spoke clearly and shared their ideas with maturity and professionalism. Exciting times for these young people as they are the true ambassadors for their schools. Wow!

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