Flipped Classroom

Mr SmithHello to you all. My name is Mr Smith and I run a business called AmazingICT. I have been invited to come in to work with all the Year 5s and 6s on Friday (11th January). I have a busy week because I am in 9 schools during the week but I will have lots of energy left to help you develop some new ICT skills.

I will be focussing on 2 areas.

1. How to make the computer do things that you want it to. This is called programming and involves making sure things happen in the right order.

2. How to get other people to read about your work in school. This involves using a blog. We will be ‘posting’ text and pictures to your school blog and then encourage other people to read it. Someone needs to approve (or moderate) the work before if goes live. Once the work is approved people will be able to add ‘comments’.

I have set up a link school for you as a ‘blog partner’. I work in there every Thursday. I have told them all about your great school. Their blog is http://johnwilkinson.j2webby.com. Happy and ‘e-safe’ blogging.

It would be great if you have a look at my website before I visit you www.amazingict.co.uk . Don’t forget to look at the ‘fun’ section too. In assembly I will be focusing on Maths and E-safety. See if you can find some things about these on my website.

Best wishes, Mr Smith


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